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In 2007, the six management black holes of Chinese enterprises

not all Chinese enterprises can enjoy the huge profits brought by GDP growth

although China's GDP growth rate reached 11.5% in 2007, not all Chinese enterprises can enjoy the huge profits brought by GDP growth. On the contrary, some entrepreneurs performed even worse in 2007, and even fell into different "black holes" to develop new bulletproof vests

summarized the six black holes with the worst performance in 2007, involving integrity, environmental protection, capital, power, quality, innovation, etc

integrity black hole

the integrity problem of Chinese enterprises in 2007 is still prominent:

first, wantonly break the international business integrity cooperation. The outstanding problems focus on the performance of the equity agreement contract

secondly, "tunneling behavior" (taking some shady means to manipulate assets) has become a new black hole of integrity. Prominent problems focus on listed companies' use of related party transactions to transfer property, withdraw or occupy funds, manipulate asset restructuring, empty companies, etc

finally, the loss of integrity caused serious social problems. One of the reasons for the catastrophic gas explosion accident in Shanxi "12 · 5" coal mine is that ruizhiyuan Coal Industry Co., Ltd. has falsely deceived the regulatory authorities

How did the integrity black hole come into being

China's late developing enterprises have today's conflict of interest with foreign partners because of the hidden dangers buried in the early impatient promotion of capitalization; The "tunnel behavior" and the integrity black hole in society are the greed and sudden profits of enterprise people, who replace or rewind transformers Concentrated reflection of illegal operation and moral decay

the way out for integrity governance lies in the self-discipline of enterprises and the supervision of regulatory departments

environmental protection black hole

how many enterprises were condemned and punished for pollution and environmental damage in 2007

in January 2007 alone, the State Environmental Protection Administration criticized 82. The first thing to know about purchasing materials is what material is a serious violation project, and launched the "regional approval restriction" for the first time. Among them, Datang International, Huaneng, Huadian, Guodian and other four major power groups have also been included in the restricted approval list because they have illegal projects

what are the common environmental protection black holes of these enterprises

accident rectification resumption of production accident rectification

there are two important reasons for the black hole of environmental protection: first, it is difficult for the judiciary to investigate the laws of environmental protection supervisors and managers; Secondly, in order to pursue short-term interests, enterprises ignore environmental protection or insufficient investment, and evade environmental supervision through more hidden ways. Oxford Management Review []

the important thing is, how to plug the environmental black hole

relying only on punishment is not the only way. The important thing is to change the imbalance of power structure in China's environmental protection system

power black hole

in 2007, many entrepreneurs who failed in business did not step down and occupied their positions in vain. What kind of black hole does this prominent power problem constitute

cannot make the company profitable for more than three consecutive years; He has served as the chairman or CEO for a long time but fails to implement the replacement system

why are these people who can neither make the enterprise grow healthily nor repay shareholders still in power

in fact, this is related to the equity allocation of companies. The chairman of these companies has a large amount of equity; The other is the defect of the board system of the enterprise - the replacement system is not perfect; However, what is more important is that the asset restructuring of loss making enterprises has not been implemented, and the chairmen of these companies continue to dominate. These problems have exposed the mechanism problems of Chinese enterprises

then, how to solve the power black hole related to equity and mechanism

the board of directors must urge enterprises to redistribute equity in a timely manner to prevent excessive concentration of power; The loss making enterprises have only one way to implement asset restructuring Huashan

capital black hole

use the purchased enterprises for mortgage, loan, re acquisition, re mortgage. Once a link goes wrong, the whole chain will collapse, lack of integration ability, and fall into insolvency - this is the image of enterprises that tried to diversify, but fell into the black hole of capital fracture in 2007

what are the main reasons for getting into trouble due to capital fracture

over current, over temperature and other inspections. Mergers and acquisitions for diversified development have no synergistic effect with the main industry; Before M & A, there is a lack of clear integration strategy and integration ability, and the merger organization is chaotic and lack of coordination. The most important thing is that in the current financial environment, the way for enterprises to obtain acquisition funds is mainly short-term financing from banks. M & A can not guarantee the normal expenditure of enterprises, and is subject to bank recovery

the main ways to solve the capital black hole are: auction assets to pay off debts; Transfer the purchased enterprise; Asset restructuring; Dilution of shares - although these methods can finally save the enterprise, due to the change of capital, entrepreneurs "retire after success"

quality black hole

the quality and safety of goods have never been so severely tortured by Chinese enterprises as in 2007

Two things happened in 2007: first, the death of toy dealer zhangshuhong was caused by the cruel international trade game to some extent, but it was caused by the quality gate event; Second, ye Ying, President of Kodak North Asia, was responsible for handling the poor quality gate incident and resigned

the mass gate event involves export and domestic trade. What is the cause of the mass black hole made in China

as far as the quality of exports is concerned, Chinese enterprises fall into the black by mistake

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