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State Administration of Taxation: China's six major measures to implement larger scale tax cuts and fee reductions

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core tip: Recently, Wang Jun, Secretary of the Party committee and director general of the state Administration of Taxation, attended the 49th Annual Meeting of the Asian Tax Management and Research Organization (SGATAR) and made a keynote speech entitled "tax cuts help development and jointly meet challenges", It introduced the basic situation, progress and results, practices and measures of China's large-scale tax reduction and fee reduction policy this year, which caused positive repercussions

Wang Jun said in his speech that since the beginning of this year, in the face of the challenges brought by the internal and external environmental changes such as the increasing downward pressure on the domestic economy, the slowing down of international economic growth and the increase of uncertainties, China has implemented a larger scale of tax and fee reduction policies in a forward-looking and strategic manner. The scale of efforts is unprecedented, the scope of benefits is unprecedented, the number of preferential ways is unprecedented, and the difficulty of implementation is unprecedented, It has played a very important role in promoting the overall stability and progress of China's economic operation

Wang Jun shared China's main practices in implementing larger tax cuts and fee reductions from six aspects: first, pay attention to adhering to the reform orientation in tax cuts and fee reductions, promote the optimization of the tax system, take deepening the reform of value-added tax as the "main attack point", take the reform of personal income tax as the "first hand", and stimulate the vitality of market players from both the supply side and the demand side; Second, focus on transformation and upgrading in tax reduction and fee reduction to promote high-quality development. On the one hand, support the upgrading of industrial structure, on the other hand, support technological innovation and upgrading, and empower and assist high-quality economic development; Third, pay attention to improving income distribution and promoting social equity in tax reduction and fee reduction, not only strive to increase the proportion of enterprises and residents in national income distribution, but also benefit low - and middle-income groups more, promote distribution equity and stimulate consumption demand; Fourth, we paid attention to improving the implementation efficiency in tax reduction and fee reduction, fully released dividends, and established an integrated command and coordination mechanism from top to bottom and consistent to the end, which promoted the implementation of policies in a powerful, orderly, accurate and efficient manner; Fifth, focus on optimizing the business environment in tax reduction and fee reduction, stimulate market vitality, and launch a series of convenient measures from the aspects of simplifying tax procedures, shortening tax time, and optimizing tax services, so that market players have a greater sense of gain; Sixth, pay attention to strengthening data governance in tax reduction and fee reduction, enhance the effect of policies, reconstruct the statistical accounting and analysis system of tax reduction and fee reduction data, and create an objective, true and multidimensional "iron ledger" to reflect the operation of policies, so as to better promote the implementation of policies in detail, significantly improve efficiency

in order to promote this SGATAR annual meeting to achieve fruitful results and promote mutual learning among members, the system is like a vein in biological organizations for mutual learning and common development. Wang Jun suggested that members should further pool their wisdom to solve tax problems, jointly promote the improvement of tax collection and management capacity, deepen cooperation and expand win-win space, strive to build SGATAR as a platform, and strengthen the docking with multilateral mechanisms such as the "the Belt and Road" tax collection and management cooperation, Promote international cooperation in the field of Taxation to a higher level, more diverse and more effective direction

the delegates at the meeting spoke highly of the policy of reducing taxes and fees on a larger scale implemented by China this year to manufacture and manually assemble dual fuselage vehicles as an air launch platform and the results achieved. They generally believed that the tax reduction and fee reduction policy measures covering multiple tax categories and fees, involving tens of millions of enterprises and hundreds of millions of taxpayers and payers, could be successively introduced in a short time and implemented smoothly and orderly, It fully demonstrates China's extraordinary wisdom and courage in dealing with the economic situation, which is not only conducive to China's response to the downward pressure on the economy, promoting high-quality development, but also conducive to injecting strong impetus into the steady growth of the Asia Pacific region and even the world economy

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