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Zhejiang Jiaxing six measures to promote the construction of distributed photovoltaic power generation

since this year, Xiuzhou District, relying on the platform advantage of the provincial government's approval to build the first photovoltaic High-tech Zone in Zhejiang Province, namely, Jiaxing photovoltaic high tech Industrial Park (hereinafter referred to as the high-tech Zone), took the application demonstration of distributed photovoltaic power generation as the starting point, seized the opportunity, and first launched the investigation and mapping of roof resources, the introduction of power station investors, the construction of demonstration power stations, etc. After the Provincial Energy Bureau confirmed that the high-tech zone was managed with reference to the first batch of national application demonstration zones, Xiuzhou District has redoubled its efforts to carry out the construction of distributed photovoltaic power generation application demonstration zones with the strength of the whole region. At present, 7 domestic well-known investors such as CGNPC and Jingke have been introduced, and 2 provincial photovoltaic research institutes have been introduced. The feasibility study of 3 MW power station demonstration projects and 61 MW distributed photovoltaic power generation application demonstration area projects has been completed, of which 15 MW projects have been started, and the rest projects are expected to start construction in early December. The main methods are as follows:

first, strengthen organizational leadership. In order to accelerate the construction of distributed photovoltaic power generation application demand clearing demonstration area, Xiuzhou District has strengthened organization and leadership and unified thinking and understanding. The study group of the theory center of the district Party committee invited the members of the national energy expert advisory committee to make a special guidance report on the development and application of photovoltaic industry for the leading cadres of the district after the Spring Festival. The administrative committee of the high tech Zone is specially established, with the district head as the director, the executive deputy district head, the deputy district head in charge and the director of the administrative committee of Xiuzhou Industrial Zone as the deputy directors. In order to strengthen the construction of distributed photovoltaic power generation application demonstration zone, a leading group for Xiuzhou District to create a national distributed photovoltaic power generation application demonstration zone was established, with the district head as the team leader and the deputy district head in charge as the deputy team leader, and 10 relevant departments such as the district government office, development and reform, and electric power as member units. The leading group holds regular meetings every week to coordinate and solve the problems encountered in the process of promoting the project. At the same time, we formulated the implementation plan of the "100 day action" for the construction of the national distributed photovoltaic power generation application demonstration area project, decomposed the 61 MW distributed photovoltaic power generation application demonstration area project into industrial parks and districts, and signed the target task statement with each subject, which laid a good foundation for the construction of the distributed photovoltaic power generation application demonstration project

second, unified planning and layout. Organize and carry out a large-scale investigation in a timely manner. Through the investigation of the available roofs in the park one by one, we can take the lead in mastering the situation of roof resources. Based on this, we put forward the goal of "achieving full coverage of photovoltaic power generation system and an installed capacity of 200MW on the roofs of conditional buildings in the park by 2015" in the development plan of the high tech Zone to support 154 key projects of industrial energy conservation and green development by using green credit in 2017. Clear the overall layout of promoting the demonstration and application of "dual core, four areas and multiple corridors", and divide 12 centralized connection areas for the construction foundation of MW installed capacity. "Dual core" refers to Zhigu science and Technology Innovation Zone Based on beikejian zhifucheng industrial R & D zone and headquarters experience zone based on Photovoltaic Science and technology innovation park; The "four areas" are Jiangnan Lake scenic area, low-carbon commercial and residential areas, future outlook areas and contiguous demonstration areas; "Multi corridor" refers to multiple photovoltaic street lamp ecological corridors. At the same time, it is planned to build a demonstration project of High-tech Zone Science and Technology Park (phase I) with a total investment of 580million yuan and a land area of 100 mu, which integrates the development and application demonstration of photovoltaic industry. At present, the project has completed the architectural design and is about to start construction

third, coordinate the implementation of the roof. The Management Committee of the high tech Zone is the witness of the industry where energy storage is also a heavy asset. It signs a tripartite agreement with roof enterprises and project investors to master and arrange roof resources as a whole, balance the distribution of "good" roofs and "bad" roofs in the construction of distributed power stations, unify roof leasing and contract energy management policies and standards, and avoid vicious competition among investors. At the same time, we have increased the guidance to roof owners. On the one hand, we have formulated incentive policies such as improving the orderly power consumption level, giving priority to handling new power consumption capacity, and issuing honorary plates for solar photovoltaic application demonstration enterprises. On the other hand, we have also introduced coercive policies such as new buildings and the installation of photovoltaic power stations on the roofs of enterprises with an annual comprehensive energy consumption of more than 5000 tons of standard coal. The administrative committee of the high tech Zone also undertakes the coordination of new situations and problems that may arise between investors and roof owners during the construction and subsequent operation of the power station. For example, for the reconstruction of roofs, a period of years will be set, and the roofs that need to be reconstructed within this period will not be considered for construction temporarily; If the photovoltaic power station needs to be rebuilt after this period, the management committee will come forward to coordinate. By directly participating in the allocation of roof resources and the coordination of specific issues, the concerns of investors and roof owners in the process of construction projects have been better alleviated, creating conditions for the accelerated construction of the project

fourth, standardize project construction. Formulate the implementation rules for application demonstration projects in high tech zones, project service process, project and service manual, project safety book, project construction document, and establish an interdepartmental coordination mechanism to standardize the project approval and construction process while providing one-stop services for settled investors. In order to avoid the problems of reselling, subcontracting and delayed construction of investors, the project access evaluation system is implemented for photovoltaic power station construction investors, and the access conditions are set in terms of construction cycle and capital guarantee, so as to fairly and fairly select enterprises with "strong financial strength and technical strength". At the same time, the project allocation is arranged in batches, and the subsequent quota size of the landing type is determined according to the progress of each investor's leading batch of projects. At present, the first batch of 61 MW demonstration projects have been developed and constructed by 7 investors including CGNPC and Jingke

fifth, innovate operation and maintenance management. Distributed photovoltaic power generation projects are numerous and centralized, so a unified operation and maintenance management mode is particularly important. Xiuzhou District actively innovates the operation and maintenance management mode, and a professional operation and maintenance company funded by Jiaxing Xiuhu Development Investment Co., Ltd. is responsible for the electricity bill settlement, operation and maintenance and other services of all distributed photovoltaic power stations within its jurisdiction. For investors, it solves the concern that it may be difficult to collect electricity charges; For roof enterprises, it eliminates the concerns about whether investors will operate regularly, resulting in the uncertainty of expected income. At the same time, it is proposed to charge 0.02 yuan per kilowatt hour for the establishment of an overall operation and maintenance fund, which is specially used for the expenses incurred by the partial reconstruction of the roof after the completion of the power station

sixth, strengthen policy guarantee. On the basis of the preferential subsidy policies of 0.42 yuan/kwh in the demonstration area, 0.1 yuan/kwh in the provincial subsidy, and 0.3 yuan/kwh in the upper electricity price subsidy (limited to completed projects), relevant policies have been issued at both urban levels. Jiaxing made it clear that since 2013, the municipal finance has allocated 20million yuan per year to support the construction of high-tech zones for three consecutive years. Xiuzhou District integrates national, provincial and municipal policies, and sets up a special fund of 200million yuan for the development of photovoltaic industry, giving a one-time subsidy of 1 yuan/watt according to the installed capacity. The integration effect of these policies provides a strong policy guarantee for the accelerated promotion of distributed photovoltaic power generation application demonstration projects, causing a sensation at home and abroad, attracting investors from all walks of life. At present, the high-tech zone has introduced a total of 30 projects with a total investment of 14 billion yuan, including 11 foreign-funded projects with a total investment of 420million US dollars and 19 domestic funded projects with a total investment of 11.4 billion yuan. Zhonghua glass () Department

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