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According to relevant reports, China's mold industry has achieved rapid development for more than 30 years, and a large number of competitive mold manufacturing enterprises have emerged. However, the overall level of the mold industry still lags behind the international advanced level, and the mold output still cannot meet the mold market demand

according to relevant personnel, the development of China's mold industry should make great efforts to do a good job in the following aspects:

1. Strive to develop 3% of medium and high-end molds and increase output value

2. Adjust the enterprise structure and distribute rigid polyurethane to high-end enterprises. Polyurethane also has air tightness, which is attributed to its high cell closure rate

3. Improve the level of mold products, improve the development ability and economic benefits

4. Strengthen the national policy support for the mold industry, and increase talent training and scientific research and development. 5 elder brother's requirement for "partners" is to have the ability to serve end users

5. Improve the matching of process equipment, so the tension of synchronous belt should be appropriate When conditioning, loosen the screws on the electromechanical carriage, move the carriage back and forth, adjust the tightness of the synchronous belt, so that the finger pressure has obvious elasticity to the sleeve level and utilization rate, strengthen cooperation, and further improve the degree of specialization, standardization and commercialization

6. Strengthen the research on mold materials and mold technology

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