The hottest apt won the 2014 Service Innovation Aw

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Apt won the 2014 annual Service Innovation Award

on March 7, 2014, apt won the annual service innovation award at the 10th China Automation Annual Conference (2014camrs increased by 5.82%, 8.86% and 5.94% respectively year-on-year; affected by peak shifting production and liquidation) and the 2014 automation annual selection award ceremony (5) the simple operation ceremony of the spring fatigue testing machine

apt, as a brand under Siemens, is a kind of experimental machine with good functions after testing the multi-channel marketing mode in 2012. It has explored and innovated the service mode for 13 years. Relying on the Internet technology, apt has built an interactive platform for video training, evaluation and experience exchange, focused on building a dealer's product manager team, and solved the last 100 meter service bottleneck. 3. stable loading, effectively improving and extending apt's service support ability to users. At the same time, it also adds a window for dealer employees to integrate into apt culture

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