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Apt achieved good results in the "multimedia Valley - Daning health run" competition on December 12, the first multimedia Valley Daning health run co sponsored by Shanghai Multimedia Valley and Daning group fired a gun and started running in the Lingshi Park of Daning to achieve accurate measurement results. 32 teams from 24 enterprises in the multimedia Valley Park participated in the competition, and apt sent a strong team composed of 6 people to participate

at 2:00 p.m., with the sound of a starting gun, more than 100 contestants set out from the starting point and took vigorous steps to form a beautiful scenery in the park. The competition route runs along the artificial lake in the park, with a total of 5 laps and a total length of 8 kilometers. The contestants competed with each other, and the scene was extremely fierce. Many apt cheerleading teams, composed of dozens of people, were waving flags and shouting at the edge of the stadium. In the third lap of the competition, due to the physical strength of the players, insiders admitted that they had reached the limit one after another, and the gap was widening. At this moment, through the measurement of these aspects of the test piece, Pt competitor Zeng yongbowen showed his outstanding strength and firmly grasped the top ranked players. Other apt team-mates are not willing to be outdone and try to catch up. Finally, apt won the third place in the team competition with its outstanding team performance

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