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In april1999, the national computer grade examination level II QBASIC questions (including answers)

(the examination time was 120 minutes, the full score was 100)

I Multiple choice questions (1 point for each question, 2 points for each question, 60 points in total)

(1) the performance of microcomputer mainly depends on

a) memory B) central processing unit C) hard disk d) display card

(2) there is a value 152, which is equal to the hexadecimal number 6A, Then the value is

a) binary number b) octal number C) decimal number d) quaternary number

(3) the computer manufactured by VLSI should belong to

a) first generation b) second generation c) third generation d) fourth generation

(4) it is known that the ASCII code value of English word a is hexadecimal number 61H, so the ASCII code value of letter D is

a) 34h b) 54H C) 24h d) 64h

(5)a floppy disk with a storage capacity of 1.44MB, About 1.4 million

a) ASCII characters b) Chinese characters C) disk files d) subdirectories

(6) press the [ctrl] and [break] keys simultaneously in the MS-DOS environment to

a) terminate the current operation b) pause the current operation C) shut down d) hot start

(7) convert binary numbers to decimal numbers should be

(8) the disk is in write protected state, Then the data in the disk

a) cannot be read, deleted, or written to new data

b) can be read, deleted, or written to new data

c) can be read, deleted, but cannot write to new data

d) can be read, deleted, or modified, but can be written to new data

(9) after the microcomputer starts, the DOS prompt is c:, and now the prompt changes to c:user, It means that the command

a) prompt b) prompt user C) prompt $p$g d) CD user

(10) the organization form of MS-DOS file system directory belongs to

a) relational structure b) network structure c) tree structure d) linear structure

(11) the total capacity of application software system th is about 1MB, and its main program files are stored in c:th directory by crank swing mechanism, while data

files are stored in c:thdata directory To completely copy them to disk a, you should use the command

a) xcopy c:th a: b) x (1) Brinell hardness (HB) copy c:th a:/s

c) xcopy c:th a:/m d) xcopy c:th a:/p

(12) after executing the DOS command copy t+t, the disk file obtained is

a) t b) T c) t d) a+t

(13) in windows, after minimizing an application window, The application

a) is still running in the background B) temporarily stops running C) completely stops running d) error

(14) CD-ROM belongs to

a) feeling media b) presentation media C) presentation media d) storage media

(15) in Internet, the abbreviation of electronic bulletin board is

a) FTP B) www C) BBS d) e-mail

(16) enter QBASIC operating environment, which provides______ Windows

a) 1 b) 4 C) 3 D) 2

(17) in QBASIC, the following four numbers have syntax errors as constants:

a) 123.456b) 1234! C)1.23D-23 D)1.89E1. The increase is $0.3 per kilogram 1

(18) in QBASIC, the type is

a) integer type b) long integer type C) character constant D) double precision constant

(19) the illegal variable name below is

a) A2 (2,4) b) ABCD C) a$x d) cde

(20) the number of array elements defined by dim A1020 (10 to 20) is

a) 11 b) 20 C) 30 d) 10

(21) in QBASIC language, The function of line number or label is to indicate that

a) sequence of program execution b) sequence of program arrangement C) flag of transfer direction d) no effect

(22) in QBASIC, when executing the following four statements, the error is

a) x=sgn (0) b) x=sqr (0) C) x=log (0) d) x=sin (0)

(23) in QBASIC program, when there are more than one statement in a line, the separator between statements is

a) blank b), c): D)

(24) the syntax of the following four QBASIC logical expressions is correct:

a) a D.B c b) a b c c) a B and C D) a B and B c

(25) the syntax of the following four groups of readdata statements in QBASIC is incorrect:

a) read XX, YY, zz$b) read xx$, yy$, zz$

data 11,22,33 1 box of tofu 1 bag data 11,22,33

c) read xx$, yy$, zz$d) read XX, YY, zz

data AA, BB, CC data AA, BB, Cc

(26) the following four arrays in QBASIC indicate that the correct syntax of the statement is

a) dim a[10] b) def FN (10) C) dim a (10) d) dimension a (10)

(27) the output of the statement print "25*40" is

a) "25*40" B) there is an error message C) 25*40 d) 1000

(28) the positioning statement used to output a character in row 20, column 5 is

a) locate 20,5 b) col 5, row 20

c) line 20, Column 5 d) locate 5,20

(29) the correct single line user-defined function statement is

a) def AB (x, y) =a^3+b^2 b) define fnxy() =x^3+y^2

c) def FNA (x, y) =x^3+y^2 d) def FN (x, y) =x^3+y^2

(30) the range of the value of the expression int (RNI 11) +100 is

a) [11110] b) [100110] C) [11100] d) [0100]

(31) there are the following procedures







print a; b; C


the output result after running is

a) 123 b) 231 C) 232 d) 223

(32) there is the following program



print a=b


the output result after running is

a) 0 b) 3 C) 4 d) display error information

(33) There are the following procedures

for m=1 to 3

for j=1 to m

for k=j to 3


next k

next j

next m


the value of N after operation is

a) 3 b) 14 C) 9 d) 21

(34) there are the following procedures

a$= "12"

b$= "34"


d=val (c$)

print d10


the output after running is

a) 12 b) 34 C) 46 d) 123

(35) There are the following procedures



m=len (str$(a) + str$(b))

print m


after running

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