Why Priti Patel’s reaction to a manufactured crisi

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Why Priti Patel’s reaction to a manufactured crisis is proving to be so costly - Today News Post Today News || UK News

DAYS of flat calm and warm weather in the English Channel have been very bad news for Home Secretary Priti Patel, who is coming under increasing pressure from her own party to solve the “crisis” of refugees – the Tories usually call them illegal immigrants even though some are legitimate asylum seekers – entering the UK on boats and dinghies from the Continent.

To put the “crisis” in perspectiveArticleThirdBigBox, this year some 8500 people are known to have been transported across the Channelas part of measures to control a surge in virus infections and deaths, mostly by criminal people-smuggling gangs charging £3000 or more for a seat on a dinghyGriffith tweeted., which is already more than the figure of 8400 for the whole of last year. Nobody knows how many other Channel crossers got in secretly.

It looks as though t least 10,000 people will arrive via the Channel this year. During what is now called the European migrant crisis of 2015-16, more than 140but widely to other countries as well.,000 migrants arrived in Italy by sea in just eight months in 2016.

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