Is it good or bad for China to ban the import of w

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Is it good or bad for China to ban the import of waste plastics

China's ban on the import of waste plastics and the cooperative research and development with BASF have been a hot topic since its emergence. People have different views on this measure of the Chinese government

some people believe that this policy will have a far-reaching positive impact on China's plastics and the global plastic market; Others believe that although the ban will quickly promote the quality and level of waste plastic recycling in China due to the limited shelf life, and promote China's environmental protection undertakings, in the medium and long term, the ban on waste import must be a huge negative for the plastic market itself, and may even turn into a disaster

1. Recycling waste plastics plays a greater role in protecting the environment.

comprehensive waste recycling is conducive to turning waste into treasure and saving resources. This is a simple problem at the kindergarten level, but for waste plastics, it plays a greater role in protecting the environment

The significance of comprehensive utilization of waste plastics:

reduce the consumption of fossil energy and save resources

reduce the emission of three wastes generated in the process of consuming fossil energy and protect the environment

organic plastic products are high molecular polymers, which are difficult to degrade under natural conditions. Comprehensive utilization of waste plastics can reduce white pollution and the damage of waste plastics to soil structure on the one hand

2. Will the global waste plastics stop because of China's ban

then why is the comprehensive utilization of waste plastics of such great significance banned from import in China? The reason is that the processing process of waste plastics in China is very non-standard, which leads to great pollution in the processing process, and the gain is not worth the loss

however, the comprehensive utilization of waste plastics has the characteristics of saving resources and protecting the environment, which is the responsibility of people all over the world. The global comprehensive utilization of waste plastics will not stop because of China's ban

under the background that the recycling of waste plastics in developed countries has become a system, after the loss of Chinese demand, it is believed that these waste plastics will not be reduced by a fraction and will still be used and digested by the global market. The most likely scenario is that these waste plastics will be transferred to other countries at a lower price or even zero cost, processed into pellets, and then enter the Chinese market, or flow into the markets of other countries

if these low-cost waste plastics re enter China in the form of pellets, the Chinese plastic market will immediately lose the cost support of materials in a wide range of areas where the operation of high-cost waste plastic granulator touches the national economy. These waste plastics may compete with new materials at any price

if this part of low-cost waste plastics flows into other countries, China's plastic products will immediately lose their price competitive advantage, thus forming a huge blow to China's plastic products exports

3. Is the ban good or bad for the plastic market

China is the largest plastic consumption market that requires preheating for a while. Theoretically, China does not lack waste plastics, but because China lacks awareness and experience in waste classification, the quality of domestic waste plastics is low and cannot be better used

I am glad to see several recent reports that the Guangzhou and Hangzhou municipal governments have met to study and deploy waste classification, which may be an important supporting project carried out by the high-level to ban the import of waste plastics

if this work is implemented and popularized nationwide, China will be able to continuously provide high-quality waste plastic products to the market

in this way, foreign waste plastics are not reduced and the estimated cost has plummeted, and China will increase the supply of waste plastics. Therefore, in the medium and long term, this paper ban is absolutely bad for the plastic market only, and improper treatment will even have a very negative impact on China's economy

it is necessary to reiterate that the waste plastic industry is definitely not a backward production capacity, nor is it economic interests that maintain the development of the waste plastic industry. It more reflects a kind of moral level, humanistic quality and the country

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