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IResearch's 2017 white paper on China's enterprise collaboration index released

enterprise collaboration is playing an increasingly important role in today's digital business environment. With the continuous acceleration of the digital transformation process of domestic enterprises in recent years, organizational changes have also been ushered in within enterprises, jointly promoting profound changes in enterprise collaboration

based on this, we help each other. IResearch consulting and ketianyun jointly released the 2017 white paper on China's enterprise collaboration index, which proposed the concept of enterprise collaboration index to measure the performance of enterprises in internal and external information communication and collaboration. Through enterprise side research and ketianyun's own data mining, we can comprehensively present the customer needs, current use status and future development direction of the domestic enterprise collaboration market, and provide a comprehensive understanding of general soft packaging, film Provide guidance for the future efforts and improvement of the products of fiber, yarn, latex and other manufacturers

core content:

the national average enterprise collaboration index score is 59.69 points, including 63.50 points in South China and 64.68 points in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, leading other regions and cities

the transformation of enterprise collaboration is mainly reflected in three aspects: cloud, integration and full staff. The competition of enterprise collaboration products in the next stage will focus on ease of use, scenario, internationalization and integration

internal remote meetings and remote training for employees are the most common use scenarios of the conference system, while customer service, return visits, and outbound call telemarketing are the most important use scenarios of the call center

manufacturing enterprises prefer to use conference systems, while FMCG retail enterprises prefer popular IM software such as, while it Internet enterprises mostly use enterprise level IM software such as nail

China enterprise collaboration index

collaborative change cloud acceleration

collaborative change cloud

with the increasing maturity of cloud service technology, enterprise communication collaboration began to accelerate cloud, and gradually moved towards consumerism, and customer cognition further improved. Nearly 80% of enterprises believe that collaborative cloud, as an indispensable part of enterprise development, will become the general trend

collaborative change integration

more than 70% of enterprises said that their companies have effectively integrated various forms of collaboration, creating a unified entrance and making it easier to manage

with the advent of the rich media era, enterprise collaboration will get rid of the shackles of traditional single terminal and single communication form, and integrated communication and unified communication will become the mainstream of enterprise collaboration

collaborative change, full membership

more than 80% of enterprises' conference systems can cover more than half of employees

the use of enterprise collaboration products is no longer the privilege of a few people, but gradually moves towards full membership, becoming a sharp weapon for improving the efficiency of all employees within the enterprise

development direction of enterprise collaboration

collaboration effect

80% of enterprises recognize the effect of collaboration products in cross regional communication, and bring flexible communication based on virtual organization

more than 70% of enterprises believe that collaborative products can effectively save costs, improve work efficiency and information flow efficiency

enterprises generally recognize the role of collaborative products in various operations of enterprises

nearly 90% of enterprises believe that collaborative products are important for internal work efficiency

33.5% of enterprises said that using collaborative cloud products can save enterprises 20% to 30% of information communication costs

insight into the current situation of enterprise collaboration

usage scenarios of the conference system

internal remote meetings and remote training of employees are the most common usage scenarios of the conference system

construction mode and cost of call center

75.0% of enterprises choose to build their own call center system

the first report of cloud call center shows that the average rental cost is 26983 yuan/year, with a median of 11000 yuan/year

most enterprise call centers have been put into use within half a year to three years, breaking through a batch of worldwide difficulties

usage scenarios of call center

customer service, return visit, outbound call marketing are the most important usage scenarios of call center

pain points and demands of collaboration

psychological price of Purchasing Conference System

more than three quarters of enterprises' psychological price of video conference software system is concentrated in the range of 10000 to 19999 yuan/year

customer satisfaction of the conference system

on the degree of satisfaction of enterprises with all aspects of the conference system, voice quality, picture quality, interface design, product interaction, equipment compatibility, data sharing and cooperation ability

enterprises' concerns about call centers

54.7% of enterprises said that system stability was the primary concern when choosing call center products

concerns about the use of collaborative cloud

54.8% of enterprises have concerns about the security of cloud data, which has become the biggest barrier for enterprises to use collaborative cloud

problems of enterprise collaborative products

enterprises believe that the problems of collaborative products mainly focus on product functions, some functions are redundant and impractical, and some functions are missing

high score enterprise portrait

summary of high score enterprise portrait

My collaboration index

industry use preferences

manufacturing enterprises love to use conference systems

FMCG retail enterprises prefer popular IM software such as, while it Internet enterprises mostly use enterprise level IM software such as nail

the average distance meeting of enterprises across the country takes 72.2 minutes

financial enterprises are far ahead with 111.2 minutes, and the length of a single meeting of FMCG retail enterprises and real estate enterprises is also higher than the national level

City preference

in several first tier cities, enterprises in Beijing hold an average of 10 minutes more meetings than enterprises in Guangzhou and Shenzhen

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