Is it good news for paint to release the second ti

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Is it good news for paint to fully release the second tire

is it good news for the paint to fully release the second tire

November 2, 2015

[China paint information] on October 29, the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee officially ended

among them, it is expected that the strong "universal two child" policy will be fully liberalized. The plenary session proposed: we should adhere to the shared development, promote the balanced development of the population, adhere to the basic national policy of "one is the need for special customized family planning", improve the population development strategy, comprehensively implement the policy of one couple having two children, and actively carry out actions to deal with population aging

it is understood that this is another adjustment of population policy after the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee decided to launch the implementation of the "single two child" policy

with the arrival of aging, China's population policy adjustment is inevitable. It is estimated that the "full-scale two-child" will bring between 3million and 8million new people every year, and the fertility peak may appear in 2017, and the number of newborns in 2018 is expected to exceed 20million

as soon as this good news comes out, industries related to the "second child" are expected to benefit comprehensively, including real estate, education, children's related industries, medical treatment, etc. Previously, China's economic structure was entirely built around the core of the one-child family, including childbirth, education, health care, housing, employment, etc., all of which will change after the birth of the "all-round second child"

as we all know, the demand of the property market is related to the population. Take real estate as an example. After the second child, first of all, the family structure has changed. The original family of three has changed into a family of four. At the same time, parents or hired nannies are also required to take care of the family together, which leads to changes in the structure of housing demand. The original housing demand of a family of three is generally two bedrooms. After the second child, the housing demand has changed to at least three bedrooms, or even four bedrooms. Biir/pa type DVA can reduce the fetal internal pressure. Therefore, from the perspective of housing demand structure, in the next decade, with the increase of children, the improvement demand for three rooms and four rooms will become the mainstream

secondly, the "second child" causes families to have higher functional requirements and more details for improved needs. For example, set a relatively clear way for the function of the house type: consider the larger public activity space in the living room, the living space of parents or nannies, consider more storage functions, and require the use of professional children's paint in the children's room. Of course, different family needs are more differentiated, which puts forward higher requirements for developers

as a downstream industry of real estate, coatings (especially building coating materials are mainly pp-lgf20; the main mechanical properties are outstanding, high modulus and high rigidity) are closely related to the development of real estate. As the "wind vane" of architectural coatings, real estate is the most important part of home decoration, which must be used in home decoration. The real estate industry is in recession, and the building coating industry is following the trend of the West and the north; The property market is heating up, the building coating industry is warming up, and the sales of related coating products will be boosted

the person in charge of a well-known domestic paint brand said in an interview, "The national comprehensive two-child policy is certainly good for real estate, and it is also good for the coating industry, a real estate related industry. Of course, under the severe macroeconomic situation and the complex environment of polarization of real estate around the country, coating enterprises must not take it lightly. They should still face up to the reshuffle and quick integration of the coating industry in combination with the actual situation of the enterprise, the huge market aggregate environment of the coating industry, and the needs of Internet thinking user experience marketing Shape, practice hard, develop steadily, maintain survival and profitability, and formulate objective and pragmatic sustainable development strategies! "

therefore, the comprehensive two-child policy will bring a strong rise in real estate demand and boost the real estate market, which is good news for the coating industry, and it is long-term

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