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Cai kuiquan, Xiamen Engineering Group: is it advisable for agents to represent multiple brands

Xiagong caikuiquan: is it advisable for agents to represent multiple brands

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Guide: with the development of China's construction machinery agent system, there has been a phenomenon similar to one agent acting for multiple brands. But I assume that the platen is already in the rising position. Personally, I believe that at this stage, most agents in China, and the principle of agent exchange, do not apply to the following situations: it is not advisable to have multiple brands of a product. Because such agency mode will make the core competitiveness of agents

with the development of China's construction machinery agent system, a phenomenon similar to that of one agent acting for multiple brands has emerged. But I personally believe that at this stage, it is not advisable for most agents in China to act as agents for multiple brands of a product at the same time. Because such an agency mode will reduce the core competitiveness of agents, the after-sales service is not in place, and the trust of customers will be reduced or disappeared. Moreover, the sense of interdependence between agents and manufacturers, the loyalty of agents to manufacturers and the various supports of manufacturers to agents will not increase, but will decrease

therefore, my view is: in principle, an agent can only represent one manufacturer brand

however, the agent's agent regions are different due to the agent's comprehensive ability and the manufacturer's policy guidance. Some regions are divided into large and some are small. In actual operation, there will also be the phenomenon of agents acting for other manufacturers' brands, which is mainly caused by the following two reasons:

first, the current product series of agents is insufficient. In order to meet the needs of customers, agents add agents for other manufacturers' brands. For example, an agent only acts as an agent for medium and large excavators, but in order to meet the needs of customers, it is necessary to find a manufacturer specializing in small excavators. From the perspective of agents, this can better meet the needs of customers. At this time, the manufacturers represented by the agents are complementary, which can not produce contradictions and competition, but also improve the sales volume of manufacturers and produce synergy

second, agents need to follow the route of product diversification. For example, an agent can meet the various needs of customers in terms of excavator models, but there are no loaders and other products. In order to fill this vacancy, agents need to contact other manufacturers. As an international construction machinery giant like Caterpillar, because its product line is relatively complete, Caterpillar's agents only need to represent this manufacturer to meet the business development needs. However, for the agents of a brand manufacturer, if the manufacturer only produces excavators, in order to expand business development needs, the agents need to act as agents for other product brands at the same time

what we should see is that acting for multiple brands will bring risks to the operation of agents. First of all, for agents, the benefit output of investment and management is very important, and customers attach great importance to service. If you want to do a good job of after-sales service for all agents' products, you need to invest a lot of manpower and management. Secondly, customers will compare the popularity and quality of products of different brands. If there is a large gap between the brands they represent, it will not only be difficult to produce synergy, but also bring adverse effects to good brands

it is impossible for manufacturers to develop and produce all types of products required by the market. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of agents and customers' diversified needs, manufacturers need to cooperate and complement each other. In other words, from the standpoint of customers, when purchasing a variety of products, it is better to purchase from one agent than from multiple agents to save purchase and operation costs. Therefore, in order to meet this kind of customers who need one-stop service, manufacturers will also seek to cooperate with peers who produce other products, or build a diversified product line by means of OEM, ODM shareholding, or significant improvement in material testing, mergers and acquisitions, etc

from the perspective of the relationship between the manufacturer and the agent, it is not necessarily wrong for the manufacturer to evaluate the policy of replacing an agent if it fails to meet the requirements, but the manufacturer should common fault 3: more self reflection: whether to give the agent enough support, and whether to give the agent enough time to grow? In addition, we should also comprehensively consider whether we can find new and better agents if we remove the current agents; Is it really the problem of the agent; If we use direct selling mode instead of agents, how much human, material, financial and risk will it bring

analyze the reasons for the instability and lack of discipline between Chinese agents and manufacturers. One of the important reasons is that the manufacturers are not correctly aware of the role of agents, and the agents themselves do not recognize themselves. At present, most agents in China have been established for a short time, and they are not ready to meet difficulties in the explosive growth of the market. They have not improved their management and after-sales service, and have not fully analyzed their own capabilities. They feel that the agency industry is an industry without threshold, so they blindly plunge into it

in other words, manufacturers and agents did not fully understand their positioning, and did not take timely countermeasures under the explosive growth of the market

however, in the face of the industry downturn since last year, those agents with insufficient capital capacity and not positioned in time have been eliminated in succession, and more agents will be integrated by the market in the future. Under the natural law of survival of the fittest, those large-scale and standardized agents can stay. At that time, a modern agent system with the advanced experience of western developed countries and Chinese characteristics will be formed and finally established in China's construction machinery industry

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