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Irradiation sterilization process of cooked livestock and poultry meat

1 scope

this standard specifies the irradiation process and requirements of all kinds of cooked livestock and poultry meat products

this standard is applicable to irradiated cooked livestock and poultry meat products for the purpose of irradiation sterilization and extending shelf life. This standard is not applicable to the irradiation of semi-finished products and non cooked meat products

2 reference standard

the provisions contained in the following standards constitute provisions of this standard through reference in this standard. When this standard is published, the editions shown are valid. All standards will be revised. All parties using this standard should explore the possibility of using the latest version of the following standards. It is really necessary to pay patience to adjust and control the processing conditions

gb 2726-1996 hygienic standard for sauce and marinated meat

gb 4789.17-1993 microbiological examination of food hygiene meat and meat products

gbl4891.1-1997 standard for irradiation of cooked livestock and poultry meat

gb/T 18524-2001 general technical requirements for food irradiation

3 definitions

the following definitions are adopted in this standard

3.1 cooked meat products of livestock and poultry

after selecting specific formulas and seasoning Cooked livestock and poultry meat products processed by technology include cooked pork (refined cooked meat strips, bundled hooves, etc.), cooked beef (soy sauce beef, preserved beef, etc.), cooked rabbit meat, roast chicken, grilled chicken, pickled duck, gizzard slices (chicken gizzard, duck gizzard), Chicken Intestines and small package meat food

3. The import source is highly concentrated. 2. Minimum effective dose

the process dose limit required to achieve the purpose of irradiation. This standard refers to the minimum dose to achieve the sterilization purpose of cooked livestock and poultry products

3.3 the storage of maximum tolerance DOS should also be strengthened e

the upper limit of process dose that does not affect the quality of irradiated products. This standard refers to the maximum dose that does not affect the edible quality of cooked livestock and poultry meat products

4 requirements before irradiation

4.1 products

the products to be irradiated should comply with the provisions of GB 2726 health indicators

4.2 packaging

4.2.1 packaging materials must be food grade, radiation resistant and protective materials

4.2.2 the inner packaging adopts vacuum or inflatable composite flexible packaging

4.2.3 corrugated boxes are used for outer packaging, which are sealed with tape and moisture-proof

4.3 pretreatment

the initial bacterial content of the product should be provided before irradiation. The inspection method shall be in accordance with GB 4789.17. The maximum initial colony count before irradiation should not exceed 3x104/g

4.4 storage and transportation

4.4.1 cooked livestock and poultry meat products need to be stored and transported below 4 ℃ after production

4.4.2 the product must be irradiated within 30h after production

5 irradiation

5.1 irradiation device and management

shall be implemented in accordance with Chapter 4 of GB/T 18524-2001

5.2 process dose

the minimum effective dose of irradiation processing of this product is 4kgy, and the maximum tolerated dose is 8kGy

5.3 irradiation conditions

when the temperature of this product is below 4 ℃, the irradiation time shall not exceed 48h; Below 10 ℃, not more than 24h; Under 15 ℃, not more than 10h

6 requirements after irradiation

the products after irradiation shall be subject to microbiological examination and samples shall be kept for future reference

7 the quality index of irradiated products

7.1 sensory index

sensory index shall be implemented in accordance with gbl4891.1

7.2 bacterial indicators

bacterial indicators should comply with the provisions of Table 1

Table 1

factory indicators of the project

total bacterial count, number/g ≤ 5000

coliform group, MPN/100g ≤ 30

pathogenic bacteria (intestinal pathogenic bacteria and pathogenic cocci) shall not be detected

8 identification

shall be implemented in accordance with Chapter 8 of GB/T 18524-2001

9 repeated irradiation

repeated irradiation is not allowed for cooked livestock and poultry meat products

source: China agriculture

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