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Is portable hand-held formaldehyde detector reliable

Mr. Yang, a citizen, is about to move into his new home. In order to prevent the formaldehyde in his new home from exceeding the standard, he plans to buy a portable formaldehyde detector to detect it. However, he heard that the formaldehyde detection box and portable detector he bought are not very reliable. Mr. Yang specially asked this newspaper for confirmation

it is understood that quality inspectors have previously conducted tests. In the same outdoor environment, the data of the four hand-held formaldehyde detectors are slightly different. Subsequently, the quality inspectors put four hand-held formaldehyde detectors into the environmental warehouse for testing. From the test results, the data of the four detectors in 2012 have a trend of changing with the change of formaldehyde concentration, but there is a great deviation, and the data are lower than the real formaldehyde concentration. It can be seen that several portable hand-held formaldehyde detectors cannot accurately detect whether the indoor formaldehyde concentration exceeds the standard, and the test results are difficult to be used as the basis for staying in a new house domestically

the results of free indoor air quality testing of Nanjing residents released by Nanjing Municipal Bureau of quality supervision at the end of last year also gave relevant tips: the results of the comparative test of the electronic indoor air pollutant detectors/boxes sold by Shenzhen Institute of quality and consumption showed that the detection instruments without metrological certification have poor accuracy and low reliability, and their detection results may mislead consumers, so consumers are reminded to buy carefully, It is best to find an inspection institution with indoor environment inspection qualification for on-site inspection

in fact, compared with the inspection after decoration, the control during decoration is more important. Quality inspection experts remind that when choosing decoration materials, we should try to choose big brands and use them for transparent touch screen films, conductive and antistatic coatings, adhesives and inks, and self-lubricating polymer reinforced composites. Pay attention to the marks on the package, don't buy "three noes" products, and take the initiative to ask for the qualification test report or certificate of products from merchants. In addition, the pollutants emitted by different indoor decoration materials are a process of continuous superposition in the production of experimental machines by Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. these years. Complex decoration will lead to an increase in the total amount of pollutants. It is recommended that consumers not pursue overly complex decoration effects

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