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Is it really difficult to raise the price of weak glass on the demand side

since this week, glass futures have maintained a weak adjustment as a whole, and the main 1901 contract ended the previous "ten consecutive negative" trend, closing at 1355 yuan/ton. Analysts said that the 1901 contract price of glass futures rose to a high point in the year compared with the price of Shahe benchmark library. Soda ash and 101 researchers from the Max Planck Institute hope to make better use of the opportunities provided by analyzing a large number of data. The rise in natural gas prices leads to the expectation of rising costs, which limits the decline of futures prices. However, in the case of weak supply and weak demand side, it is difficult to change the weak pattern of future glass prices

futures prices remained low and volatile

since this week, glass futures have remained low and volatile. The main 1901 contract as a whole remained at 1350 yuan/ton, closing at 1355 yuan/ton outside the United States, with a cumulative weekly increase of 0.44%

after the sharp decline of glass futures since late August, the decline this week was suspended and remained low and volatile, mainly due to the fact that the 1901 contract price rose to the peak of the year compared with the price of Shahe benchmark library, which protected the disk. In addition, the expected cost rise caused by the rising prices of soda ash and natural gas also supported the glass futures price at the previous low, and it is expected that the probability of price breaking in the early stage of the National Day is small

in terms of spot goods, relevant data showed that on September 13, China's glass composite index was 1193.05 points, down 0.94 points month on month. The overall trend of the glass spot market is general, the production and sales of production enterprises fell slightly month on month, and the market price basically maintained the previous level, but the market confidence continued to adjust slightly. On the whole, the spot market is strong in the South and weak in the north. The price pressure in some northern regions is relatively high, and some adjustments have occurred one after another. At the same time, the production line of ignition and resumption of production in the later stage is still relatively centralized

the demand side is still weak

from the fundamental point of view, the glass spot market does not show obvious peak season characteristics, and the delivery increment of production enterprises is limited. The rush to work before the heating season in the northern region boosts the glass demand, which is expected to have a diminishing marginal impact, while the growth rate of real estate completion remains low, indicating that the current demand for glass is still weak. In order to avoid accumulating reserves during the Mid Autumn Festival and national day, manufacturers use the peak season to accelerate sales and withdraw funds, Therefore, the spot prices in many places have callback, but the market confidence of foam granulator has been affected to a certain extent

looking forward to the future, the glass futures price will maintain a weak trend. Judging from the production capacity of this year, the net increase is significantly higher than that of last year. The central and local governments prohibit the "one size fits all" policy, which will reduce the probability of production lines obtaining emission permits in Shahe region to limit production again, and weaken the positive supply. In terms of demand, the transmission between new construction and completion continues to be blocked. It is expected that after the National Day holiday, the spot price will continue to adjust to repair the current basis, and the weak demand will also make it possible for the futures price to fall below the previous low

at present, the overall performance of the glass spot market is normal, the delivery situation of manufacturers has declined slightly, market confidence continues to fall, and the market shows a trend of strong in the South and weak in the north. The delivery situation of glass manufacturers in South China is acceptable with the development of world science and technology, sporadic price adjustments, and market production and sales are acceptable; The delivery speed of manufacturers in North China and East China slowed down, and the inventory of some manufacturers increased month on month. In addition, four production lines will be added or resumed in September, and the supply of glass will increase in the future, which will suppress prices. Technically, the glass futures 1901 contract below the yuan/ton range to find support, above the 1400 yuan/ton regional pressure level, the short-term will show a volatile trend

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