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New technology and development of bearing ring grinding and superfinishing (III)

3.2 effect of superfinishing on the working performance of rolling bearings

3.2.1 improve the rotation accuracy of bearings and reduce the vibration and noise of bearings

3.2.2 improve bearing capacity

3.2.3 improve the lubrication effect of bearings and reduce wear

3.2.4 reduce the heating of bearing during operation

3.3 superfinishing technology

3.3.1 oilstone manufacturing technology

it determines the service performance of oilstone and is the premise for the existence of superfinishing technology. The requirements for use: the oilstone has good cutting performance, slow loss and sufficient strength

among them, ceramic combines with CBN super essential oil stone, Can maintain continuous high "C919 is the first large-scale adoption of aluminum lithium alloy in terms of cutting rate. At the same time, the wear amount is very small and the critical pressure is high, which can greatly improve the overall quality and uniformity of workpiece processing. The year-on-year decrease of 17.27 PCT; in February, the average gross profit margin of double offset paper was 1.80% diamond ultra essential oil stone, which can obtain the highest cutting rate, the lowest wear rate and the best surface finishing effect. Cubic silicon carbide oilstone is similar to diamond cubic nitrogen oilstone Boron carbide is second only to the first two in terms of cutting force and machining quality, which is higher than silicon carbide, which has the effect of improving the vicious competition in the market

3.3.2 superfinishing technology

superfinishing technology divides the whole superfinishing process into two stages: rough superfinishing and fine superfinishing. In the coarse super stage, the whetstone abrasive is sharp, the whetstone pressure is high, the workpiece speed is low, and the swing frequency is high. Therefore, the cutting ability is strong, which is the main stage to remove the machining amount of the workpiece. The oilstone abrasive is relatively passivated in the fine super stage, the oilstone pressure is low, the workpiece speed is high, and the swing frequency is 1 The drawing force range is not as low as before, so the cutting ability is weakened, the polishing effect on the workpiece surface is strengthened, and the surface roughness value is greatly reduced

among them, one sequence two-stage method, one sequence two-step method, automatic oilstone compensation technology, automatic oilstone supply technology, automatic conversion technology of coarse and fine oilstones, and high-frequency small oscillation plus low-frequency large reciprocating technology are all applied in domestic or foreign equipment

3.3.3 workpiece positioning technology

at present, the workpiece positioning methods commonly used by the raceway superfinishing machine are as follows: end face roller mechanical pressing type centerless clamping, hydraulic centering end face roller mechanical pressing type clamping, and double roller driving end face pressing type centerless clamping

3.3.4 lubrication and cooling technology

during superfinishing, the lubricating fluid has three main functions: flushing, cooling, lubrication, and the formation of adsorbed oil film

requirements for lubrication and cooling in superfinishing: proper viscosity, anti rust function, low volatility and repeated use

ultra precision machining has strict requirements on the filtering accuracy of lubricating coolant, so it must be ensured by high-precision filtering device

to sum up, the process and tooling Professional Committee has built high-quality roller bearings around the requirements of the tenth five year key project of the technical committee of CAAC, focusing on the following research:

1 The problem of grinding and over lapping of bearing rollers. The roller crown logarithmic curve superfinishing technology has been successful since the eighth five year plan. At present, it is mainly to promote the application and improve the reliability and stability of the superfinishing system

2. Develop, research and perfect the super precision machine for ring raceway crown. Although some achievements have been made in this technical research, it is still far from reaching the advanced physical level of SKF company

3. Development of the technology and equipment for the Superfinishing of the belt convexity on the flange

4. Research and equipment development of roller end face superfinishing technology

5. Promote the industrialization, popularization and application of new oilstone

6. Apply the above advanced and latest patented technologies to the technical transformation of roller bearing grinding equipment and the research and development of new generation equipment. At the same time, vigorously promote the research and development of automatic production and assembly lines for roller bearings

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