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The new technology of touch panel is expected to shape the new version of the industry

although many people expect that the performance of f-tpk CHENHONG, a big touch panel manufacturer, will rebound significantly this month with the launch of Apple's new generation iPad products (driving the touch module to fit the order). However, according to the latest report of Citi securities, the touch panel industry has faced the problem of oversupply, and the emerging (touch) technology solution Fang Eucalyptus may reshape the industrial landscape. It is now thought that (f-tpk CHENHONG) may hit the bottom too early. Therefore, for f-tpk CHENHONG to maintain the sell sell investment rating, the target price was also reduced from NT $280 to NT $235

according to the observation of Citigroup, touch panel has become a bulk commodity, and the market demand has turned to low price/low cost solutions. Not only more and more second-line manufacturers have entered the touch panel industry, resulting in increased competition pressure in the touch market in general engineering tests, but also the penetration rate of touch notebook computers is still lower than expected

although the market was originally optimistic that the performance and profit performance of f-tpk CHENHONG in the fourth quarter of this year might rebound significantly, Citigroup believes that this may be difficult. Because of the harsh competitive situation in the touch panel market, for example, its American customer orders (apple, Amazon, etc.) are under increased pressure from the same industry (mainly from GIS, Shenghua, etc.), the penetration rate of the touch pen is rising slowly, and the price pressure of the touch panel is becoming heavier

in terms of the pen touch panel, according to the survey, f-tpk CHENHONG shipped nearly 10000 sets/piece of pen touch modules in the second quarter of this year. It is preliminarily estimated that the shipment in the third quarter may fall to 10000 sets/piece, while f-tpk CHENHONG's market share in the pen touch panel may fall from 47% in the second quarter to about 35% in the third quarter (estimated)

Citigroup estimates that the earnings per share of f-tpk CHENHONG in the third quarter of this year is nearly NT $3.6. Looking forward to the fourth quarter, it is estimated that the revenue of f-tpk CHENHONG in this quarter is expected to rebound to 37.7 billion yuan and use 10 μ~ twelve μ The strength of the company will be higher than NT $and increase by more than 20% in the quarter. The gross profit margin in a single quarter is nearly 12%, the profit rate of the stress testing machine special testing industry in Jinan testing machine factory is nearly 5%, and the earnings per share in the fourth quarter is estimated to be nearly NT $5. The cumulative annual revenue in 2013 is estimated to be nearly NT $155.2 billion, with an annual decrease of about 10%. The earnings per share of NT $32 will be lower than that in 2012 (the earnings per share reached NT $44)

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