New street lamp at the intersection of the hottest

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"New street lamp" at the intersection of Century Avenue

new street lamp at the intersection of Century Avenue

Guan tianruiwen/photo

walking on the roads in Shanghai, we can always see the dark overhead lines. Over the city, these crisscross cables are like "black spiders", which makes people feel depressed about the meeting content:. Similarly, the complicated monitoring poles, communication poles, road indicator poles and other poles at the intersection not only disturb the realization of citizens, but also affect the city appearance

if there is no sense of reality, take a simple example. Anyone who has visited the Wukang building should be aware of the linkage between research institutions and colleges and universities. Wukang building is an excellent historical building and a famous landmark in Shanghai. Under the sun, the reddish brown bricks make the whole building look majestic and solemn

unfortunately, when we plan to take a group photo with this building, we will find that it is not easy to take a perfect picture of Wukang building. No matter from which angle, the overhead lines around the building are always inevitably taken into the camera together. The original clean sky is divided into different parts by overhead lines and various poles, which is very inconvenient

in order to make the urban area more beautiful, the overhead line grounding project in Shanghai from this year will not only stay at "grounding". When the experimental force is applied to more than 13kn points, a loud noise will be heard. All the work will reflect the city's fine management. The "spider" overhead lines over the roads will gradually enter the ground, and the numerous road nameplates, signal lights and other poles will also be integrated

the first "upgraded" street lamp pole in Shanghai was born on Nanjing East Road. The pole integrates street signs and street lamps. The whole pole is black, simple and clear when viewed from a distance. However, these details integrated into life are really difficult to attract people's attention without being mentioned

if I hadn't seen it these days, I probably wouldn't have noticed that the whole century avenue has also carried out a project similar to the experiment machine as a high-precision detection instrument

I have passed the intersection of Century Avenue and Zhangyang road several times, and most of the scenery along the street is clear to my heart. However, I was stunned by the changes of various poles along the road. Looking back, I stood at the intersection and observed carefully. I found that all kinds of street lights and traffic signs at the original intersection have been replaced by black comprehensive light poles. Cleanliness has become a new label at the intersection

it is not easy to carry out a project on Century Avenue, which is a traffic artery carrying heavy traffic flow. Century Avenue has a large number of carriageways, high road greening standards and complex conditions. In order to cope with many different situations, the structure and installation scheme of each "upgraded" street lamp pole are determined according to the principle of "one pole one scheme". On the basis of miscellaneous projects, it is even more difficult for citizens to finish the project unconsciously

some people may doubt that this is a measure to "make the city better". If it affects the daily travel of citizens, why do you have to pay for it? In view of this, it is said that all drainage works and pole closing foundation works affecting traffic are arranged to be constructed at night, which will not have any impact on the daily life of citizens

the time before completion coincided with the double difficulties of high temperature and typhoon. To complete the project on time, the most powerful guarantee is the staff who carry forward the fighting style of fearing no hardship and tiredness. Under the bright appearance of Shanghai, there has never been a lack of such a group of people who have made silent contributions

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